Saturday, August 6, 2011

Overcoming Ennui: Warmaster Terrain

Been unable to get myself motivated to work on any wargaming project for a long time. So, I used a recent Warmaster campaign day as impetus to finally get something done.

I dug out the Warmaster terrain pieces that I'd had for years since they'd be a quick & simple project. I ended up finishing the pieces themselves in about 9 hours. & then about another 2.5 hours to do the bases.

The buildings are all from JR Miniatures 10mm Ancient/Medieval range.

I primed them white and block painted them, with a bit of drybrushing, & finished them off with the Minwax Miracle Dip method.

The buildings are mounted on a variety of hotel card keys, used gift cards, etc. Unfortunately, some are already starting to flex & the basing material is lifting off.

These stones are actually bluish. I wanted them to look a bit more magical than just grey standing stones.

Now I just need to make a river for these bridges to go over.


  1. I find that basing on porous material like mounting board tends to make things stick better; it also has less tendency to slide on the table.

  2. Lovely terrain, and very useful too!