Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday weekend Part 1

With Sunday being my birthday, I'm trying to stuff as much gaming as I can get away with into the weekend. So on Friday, I attended our Friday Night Irregulars Weird World War 2 game.

I faced off against Skrapwelder borrowing his US Infantry with British armored support vs his Germans. We were short on trees, so the large flat flocked sheets are supposed to be full woods.

My right flank consisted of 2 walkers with a scout car & a Comet tank escorted by an infantry squad in a half track.

My left flank consisted 2 squadrons of a Comet & infantry squad.

The German force were from left to right: 2 PZ IVs with an infantry squad in the truck behind, a Tiger I in the center, & 2 Stugs with another Stug & what turned out to be an anti-tank squad in the prime mover to the rear.

We both amazingly went about 4 turns shooting & missing everything possible. Finally, my 2 walkers were brewed up & the fight shifted to the center.

Here my Comet was able to fire twice because it was stationary & take out both the infantry squad truck & the Pz IV escorting it.

There was a big infantry battle in the central forest. My 2 squads caught his anti-tank squad setting up inches from most of my vehicles. I was able to cause enough casualties to drive them off. But his Tiger, Tiger Firing Bright fired HE in support suppressed my guys, so his infantry could slink off to greener pastures.

Even though I had a few turns where all of my units went & only a few of his went (we used card activation with a Turn End card in the deck so not all units go every turn), he slowly picked off my big armor leaving my infantry to fall back.

Overall, it was a fun & somewhat close game. We're using a version of the Screaming GIs rules that Skrapwelder added weirdness to. I believe the rules are mostly ironed out (except for getting all the anti-tank rifles listed), so some sort of campaign is imminent.

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