Sunday, September 23, 2012

Strange Aeons Cultists

I've been working on some scratch-built cultists for the Strange Aeons Cthulhu mythos skirmish game.

Here's the whole gang.

3 melee cultists with 1 cultist with a rifle

1 melee cultist, the cult leader (opposite colored hood & robe with a pistol), 1 cultist rifle, & 1 with a Thompson SMG

These are made from GW Skaven Plague Monks with putty hoods & their tail cut off to use as the face tentacles. Now I feel like the Farmer's Wife. I also bought some of the Mantic Games Veer-Myn tails from an online bits shop, so some of the cultists could have more than 1 tentacle. This idea of using Skaven for cultists & cutting of their tails came from Kid Kyoto who posted it on The Miniatures Page a few years ago. My only disappointment in making them is that I used GW's new Earthshade wash for the 1st on them, & it turned out way too dark on in the folds & bottom of the robe. Next up will either be my zombie-cthulhu mash ups, or some very unique figures for use as swarms or vermin.


  1. Those are really cool and eerie! I wonder that they are attacking sunset strip with all the stars. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice looking cultists, They look rather hunched and deformed nice work sir!

  3. Love them - now come over and match them up against my own cult, the "Scions of the Eternal Tentacle"!

  4. Very cool. If you make more cultists, hit me up at a MWS meeting. I have a bunch of bits from the Chaos Marine Chaos Spawn minis - tentacles, spiky bits, mutated faces and arms...