Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beavering Away

My local club (Miniature Wargaming Society in Sacramento, CA) has decided to put together another big game for next year's conventions. Last year, one of our members put on a massive pirate game with 24 players, loads of boats & over 2000 figures. You can see that game at Pirates of the Carob Bean Sea.

The next game is tenatively called Rumble in the Jungle & will be a simplied version of the DUST Warfare rules for Weird World War 2 games.

I have been helping out by building some of the trees for the game. They are 3 sets of the the GW trees. Ironically, I've been looking to pick the GW trees up cheaply for a while, & then GM for the club game hands me 3 boxes of the trees to build that he got for $5 each.

I've finished painting all the separate parts of the trees, but still need to assemble them.

Here are the bases that the trees fit into:

Here are the leaves that will be glued on the the trees:

Here are the trees themselves:

And finally, here are the trees & bases together:

I think they've come out pretty well. My only disappointments are that I didn't fill where the separate model pieces join together, & that the grass I added doesn't show up too well. I may pull the grass of & replace it with small tufts of lichen since I think they'd be more noticable & probably more durable.