Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nightmare on 34th St

For our next game of Strange Aeons, I ran the Nightmare on 34th St holiday theme scenario. The scenario rules can be found here. Basically, an evil Santa is trying to grab kids before the Threshold Agents can rescue them.

Here's the main Lurker figures in the Christmas posse: the Elves, Santa & Rudolph.

Santa is the Horrorclix Jester figure in a padded putty suit.
The Elves were the Cannibal Clowns, also from Horrorclix, with a bit of repaint. Rudolph is Skrapwelder's & from AE WW2.

Here are the sugar drunk troublemakers that the Agents are supposed to rescue.

A picture of the overall board

& one from the Lurker's side.

There wasn't much to the the game though. Since the scenario required Santa be a 7 pt Maniac, & I had 16 pts with which to buy Lurkers, I bought a bunch of 1 pt Cultists to bulk out Lurker forces. This meant the Lurker gang didn't have any commander figure. So, while all 4 of the Threshold Agents were activating at a time & rescuing the kids, only 1 Lurker could activate, which made it almost impossible to chase down the Agents or kids.

Santa was able to cut down Officer "Just Arriving on the Scene", but the head Agent then took out Santa during melee. I should have forced all the kids on to make a Resolve check after seeing their rescuers slaughter Santa, but I didn't.

The Threshold was able to rescue all the kids, only for the loss of the Police office. Overall, a quick but fun game. & now I've got the Santa figure ready for next year. I just have to find some more of those Elves.


  1. Looks like it was fun. I've only played SA once but the rules add tension to the game without getting in the way. How did you make the base board?

    1. For the snowy ground, I bought this Ice Planet graphic file

      & then had a portion of it printed out on a fabric printer.

  2. very cool! looks like a blast!

  3. Brilliant Idea and it all looked great!

  4. Ho Ho Ho.... here's your coal....