Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New House on the Market

Below is my 1st serious attempt at scratch building a building. My only prior attempt was making the quick & easy hobo shacks featured in my 1st Strange Aeons post. But with Skrapwelder's guidance & gifts, & lots of shavings left all over the living room floor, I have completed the Church of the Eternal Flame/Eye/[insert your favorite ominous but abiguous adjective here].

The Church elders are keen recyclers, so are happy to use abandonded buildings for their meetings.
The church is a direct copy from the Plasticville Small Church. I picked one of those up, but decided I wanted a more American rural looking building with clapboard siding, instead of the rough stone or plaster siding that the Plasticville church had. So I traced the Plasticville church & used it as a template to build this one.

The wooden planking at the front roof eaves was originally a way to hide the fact that I'd trimmed too much off the peak of the roof, so there was a big gap there. But now I'm going to draw something on it, not sure what.
The roof is some resin extras that Skrapwelder kindly gave me.

Initially, the inside of the building look very rough, lots of badly cut foam core edges. So I decided to finish the windows & inside too. I added the planked floor & walls, & raised dais with the altar.

& every good church needs access to the crypts (or labyrinthian caverns) underneath the altar.
While it's not a Skrapwelder or Empey ( ) original, I'm very happy with how it came out. Lots of fun to build. Now just have to paint it.


  1. Your work keeps getting better and better. The basement is an awesome touch! Looking forward to the painted version.

  2. Very cool - I love it! My cultists are going to have to come pay yours a visit in their new lair :-)

  3. Looking good so far, Like the basement access to the handy escape route

  4. Very Nice! I have never made a church! Maybe this year.

  5. Very nice scratchbuild, Sir. The boards up at the peak of the gable don't look out of place to me; as a matter of fact, one might put a statue, a piece of appropriate taxidermy, or etc. on the triangle. Keep up the great work!

  6. You SHOULD be happy with the way it's coming out, it's looking great! And who knows what wonders are beneath the altar. OK, you do. -d.