Sunday, January 20, 2013

Strange Aeons: Catch and Release

Continuing with the Strange Aeon's campaign for Skrapwelder's Threshold Agents, I ran him through another 2 games.

In the 1st game, his Agents were following some clues found at the Moonwineshine still. The clues took them to another backwoods shanty town that seemed to be the main collection point for the wine.

Unfortunately, the shiners got the drop on them. The Agents were able to take out a few, including their zombie dog.

But the Agents were all taken down & captured by the shiners.

In the 2nd game, the Agents woke up in some sort of industrial building.

The Lurkers were in the main warehouse preparing their stock for another shipment.

The Agents were tied up in the rooms in the smaller warehouse. They were able to escape their bonds & find their weapons.

The lead Agent quietly observed the activity in the main warehouse and came up with a plan.

Quickly sharing it with the rest of the Agents, they would shoot their way through the Lurkers & search the office in the main warehouse to find any accounting books or other incriminating evidence.

The Agents were surprised to see they were confronted both by humans but also GUSTs again (Group of Unknown Scuttley Things).

The Agents did take a few casualties, but they were able to finally bring both the humans & the GUSTs down, achieving their goal. & just to add a cinematic ending, a truck full of G-Men came busting through the warehouse doors.
Unfortunately, they didn't find any useful evidence to further their investigation, but all the Agents fully recovered.

In case you're interested, the buildings are from the Virtual Armchair General's Mean Street/Mean Sets range. The sets are not like normal paper buildings, but are designed to be wrapped around 1/4" foam core to give more solidity to the walls. I put the peel & stick business card magnets on the end of the walls, so the whole structure collapsable. Here is a prior post I made about my construting the buildings.