Friday, February 22, 2013

Church of the ???

A few posts ago, I showed a church I had scratch built for Stange Aeons. I have now pretty much completed painting it up.

Instead of a steeple to hold some sort of emblem, I'm planning on painting a symbol on the wooden planks across the apex of the roof. I just haven't decided what to paint yet.

I know I was a bit heavy handed with the brown wash under the windows on this side.

Yep, that's the back of a building.

The mossy stuff on the roof & growing up the building is Underbrush from Woodland Scenics. Mason from Lead Adventure Forums used it on one of his buildings as ivy growth & I really liked it. It's a great way to make small growth in corners & around buildings.

The inside turned out a lot yellower than I intended, I was trying for a pine look. The side walls are plastic sheet, & the brush marks left in the paint ended up making it look a little like wood grain after I applied a brown wash.

Father Edmund can get a little messy some times.

& a quick shot of the steps down to the larder.

The interior dimensions of the building are pretty small, so I don't expect to do any actual gaming inside the church. But I'm very happy with how it come out, being my 1st attempt at a major scratch building project. I'm thinking there still needs to be some sort of symbol or mystic circle on the floor or wall behind the altar to finish the whole thing off.

I must say Skrapwelder helped out a lot. He gave me the resin roof & a lot of advice during the whole process.


  1. Wow, it looks great. I love the weathering.

  2. I would go with a google search of Lovecraft symbols and pick something you like.

  3. Scrapwelder does great work. I can't wait for his Victorian buildings to be released. Using his roof really makes the building look good. I think you did a great job on the modeling.

    Styx has a good idea. Cthulhu symbols would be great. You can even download Cthulhu fonts. Personally, I'm a sucker for "Shadows Over Innsmouth" and the Deep Ones. If you print the symbols on paper as if tattered posters, you could use blue tack to stick them to the walls. This way you could change the look of the building as you desire. You can even print signs, like "Meeting Place of the Unholy Ones" and change them out as you want. I do this for my Western buildings, and it works a treat. Plus, blue tack leaves no residue.

    Oh yeah, and I agree with the post on TMP. The bight green needs to go. It just looks odd. If you still want kind of green, maybe Scenic Express' Pasture blend might look better. Not sure though.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Nicely done, and sufficiently creepy. Love the steps under the altar.

    For you symbol, maybe a take on Blue Oyster Cult's "question mark" logo? Something just odd enough for someone to think— "Wait... that's not really a cross..."

  5. Excellent job. And I like the interior pine color just fine. -d.