Saturday, January 17, 2015

Major Wargaming Accomplishment

I've been working on a fantasy Viking army for probably over 10 years. My original intention was to use them as a Beastman army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. But recently my gaming group has latched on to Kings of War by Mantic Games, which we believe to be a much better army scale fantasy game (at least in terms of the rules). So now I'm running them as the Kings of War Orc list.

I am now regularly playing with my Vikings for the 1st time. & I was getting a bit embarrassed by the painted figures not being completely based. So over the holiday break, I made a major push to base about 120 figures that were painted, & finish the movement trays I'd bought.

Here, in all its glory, is my fully based & trayed Viking army.

Left: Kings of War Orc Ax Krudgiment (Old Glory Dark Age Rus)
Right: Goblin Mawbeast Regiment (variety of GW & West Wind wolves)
Rear: Orc Gore Riders Regiment (West Wind Dwarf Wars Highland Dwarves on Goats)

Front: Micro Studio Arts Chaos bases which match most of the movement trays, used as KoW Wavering markers
Middle: Orc Archer Half-Regiment (Old Glory Dark Ages archers)
Rear Left: Part of Dark Elf Gargoyles Troop (GW Battle of 5 Armies Giant Eagles paints 25mm Ravens)
Rear Right: Orc Morax Regiment (Old Glory Viking berserkers)

Left: Orc Greatax Troop (Old Glory Valkyries)
Right: Same Old Glory Rus unit as above
Rear: Orc Giant (Mega Miniatures Boobarian, yes that's really what it's called)

Front: More chaos bases for Wavering markers
Middle: Orc Archer Troop (Old Glory Dark Ages javelin skirmishers)
Rear Left: Orc GreatAx Regiment (Old Glory Barbarians)
Rear Right: Orc Krudger Army General (Reaper figure), Wip the Half Cast Orc Magician (D&D plastic mini), rest of Gargoyle unit from above

Left: Orc Greatax Regiment (Old Glory Viking Huscarls)
Right: Orc Ax Krudghorde (Old Glory Vikings)
Rear Left: Another Orc Giant Boobarian
Rear Right: Orc Troll Regiment (Children of Valhalla Giant, Dreamblade plasic mini, D&D plastic mini

[Insert picture here that I forgot to take of another Gore Rider Regiment & Goblin Mawbeast Regiment]

So, that's all my painted figures, completely based & all on movement trays, with 1 tray left over. The whole army comes out to be 2160 points as Kings of War Orcs. It'd be almost 2500 if I included magic items & turned some of the figures into an appropriate number of heroes & bannermen for this sized force.

While this is an awesome accomplishment that I'm very proud of, I have only finished off the already painted figures. I still have about another 70 infantry, 20 large monsters to use as trolls, 2 more giants, 10 more wolves, plus 3-4 character figures that need to be painted. So maybe I should make that my main project for 2015.


  1. Looks great! Must feel good to finish such a grand project. What's next?

  2. A lovely army, Kings of War is one of my favourite games too.

  3. A great frame job on your forces! really cohesive. I look forward to stomping them and then painting yellow bits on your bases when you are not looking!
    Seriously, really cool- grats!