Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Having reached the 50th birthday milestone, I decided to throw a big party. So I hosted a Kings of War 500 pt tournament for my friends at a local game store.

Here's most of the participants

I also put together party gift bags for the attendees. It contained custom dice to ensure that I'd win all the games, a tape measure, a fresh-off the laser cutter exclusive Wooden Wars English Civil War Pikeman, all together in the classic dice bag.

Here is one of the Pikemen painted by the Creator & Lasenator himself, Tom Foss.

In preparation for the party, I finished off a few projects: 2 GW trees, and a laser cut Christmas decoration from Cost Plus.

I also wanted to come up with a something new to run in the since I'd only played Kings of War with my Vik-orcs (Vikings figures using the Orc army list). So I quickly painted up an all Werewolf force from the KoW Undead list.

I had been collecting werewolves for a while to go with my fantasy Viking army. They would have been stand-ins for Trolls in the GW Beastman list.

For KoW, I ran 3 units of 3 werewolf figures each (the smaller werewolves were bunched together to represent 3 full sized werewolves).

Unfortunately, as nasty as they werewolves are, units of 3 figures still have a relatively low morale. So while they could run circles around the enemy & tear them up pretty well, once the enemy got in contact & started to do damage, the werewolves broke surprisingly fast.

The tournament was a big success. There were 14 players, from ages 10 to 62, & all had a great time. We had 6 different tables running at any one time, and the small army size meant we were able to get about 4 games in each during the 5 hours allotted. A couple of people who hadn't played the game before are now converts & want to play in our upcoming KoW campaign. & it seems like the game was so balanced, there was no definitive winner, but a 4-way tie with 3 wins each. & everyone one at least one game.

The party finished off with a huge spread of ribs, chicken & briquette from a local BBQ place, & my wife made the gaming classic treat, Igor Bars

It consisted of a layer of pan chocolate chip cookies, caramel with peanuts, rice crispy treats, & brownies, topped with melted chocolate, M&Ms & Reese's peanut butter cups. Insulin shots were available at an extra $20 charge.


  1. Looks great. I'm sorry I had to miss the event. Did anyone pass out in shock from eating that cake? :)

  2. It was very much fun with great folks to game with and wonderfully creative paint jobs. On top of it all, the host was very generous with snacks and gift bags. So glad to have been part of it. Next year will be even bigger!

  3. Great company, great games, great god- what is that cake! (and I am sorry I missed it!)
    Thanks Nils

  4. Sorry to have missed the celebration. Here's wishing you a very happy prosperous and peaceful year.